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        Your current position:Home > Company

        HeiLongjiang Linke Manichinary Co;Ltd.is a compositive enterprese,its business scope inclusive of:scientific research,production and sales of woodworkng machinery
        professional manufacturers.Linkewas established in 1996,it is the technology understakng center of Academy of ForestScience.affiliated with Heilongjiang Acadey of Forestry Science and Tehnology Venture Center.
        The machines we managed can be used to make the following products:wooden dowel rod,chopsticke,toothpicke,barbecue stick,particular parts,wood lines,
        Our plant has strong technological strength and pooductivity,there is a high standard,high quality,effcientprodustion,management and marketing team Over the years,
        we persist in the spirit of"quality-oriented,credibility firet"based on the unique practiality,eonomy,durabililty and technical advantages,we sold machines both
        domestic and overseas, such as"Japan.Europe.USA,Africa, Southeast Asia,Russia,Uzhbekistan and other countries and regions.We have passed the "ISO-9000"
        certification,"ISO-14000"and"OHSMS-1800"Certification,We own the independent legal personality and the rights for importaion and exprotation.
        We have always been committed to sustainabie development strategy,adhere to the "build first-class enterprise,the first class product"the objective of actively seeking
        domestic and overseas customers with a wider range of exchanges and cooperation,join hands to create a win-win future.

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